The ultimate board game for kids to play during the car ride

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Spotted is the travel game for the conscious parent and THEIR curious Kid

• Long journeys in cars, trains and buses can be boring for kids if they aren’t kept busy.

• Spotted keeps kids entertained as they turn regular journeys into fun adventures!

Game Benefits

Created to build a healthy, fun and educational environment for kids,
here are just some of the benefits of playing Spotted


Kids WON’T get bored because they’ll be looking for objects to match the tokens on their game boards! Both children and parents suffer when boredom takes over in the backseat.


Spotted lets children learn new words in a new language, as it comes in different language versions: English-Spanish, English-German and English-French (the new language is on the image side).


03.  Screen Time break

 Spotted is beneficial to your kids’ development and gives them a well-deserved break from tablets and smartphones. Most parents know how addictive screens can be to children.


 Spotted also trains children’s’ attention, association and observation skills, for a healthy gaming experience that lets your kid interact with the world.

"Spotted is the travel game choice for the conscious parent!" Testimonial

Give Your Child's Eyes a Screen-Time Break

Here’s Why

01. FUN

Now you can keep your kids happy during car, bus or train journeys with Spotted the interactive travel game.


With Spotted, kids don’t get bored as they look for the Spotted objects outside to match their game boards!


Spotted lets them learn and pay attention to the world around them instead!

What’s in the box?

You have everything you need in order to start playing this game and have a fun trip with your entire family

216 game tokens with different objects to spot

Each token contains different objects which the
kid may see on the road

2 wooden pads

The place where you put the tokens you actively looking for

2 white bags - for 2 players

Here you can store the used tokens

1 black bag

Here you will add the new tokens

1 rule sheet in each language

Here you will learn how to play the game

How to play

Playing Spotted is fun and the rules are easy!

Kids put 12 tokens each on their pad (they will use 2 pads if they are 2 players).

Players look out the car, train, or bus window and when they see a thing that matches a tokens on their pad, they take that token, and put it in one of the Spotted bags. 

The token is replaced by a new one from the black bag. Each token has a score between 1-5 (depending on how hard it is to spot that object). 

At the end of the trip, the players check their score, and the one with highest wins! 

Game duration: depending on the trip!

About us

Hi! We’re Mihaela and Adrian and we’re the creators of Spotted! We’re inspired and propelled by education. Over the years, we’ve learned that we are what we read, study, watch, eat, listen, play, and these aspects are extremely important in shaping the character of the little ones.

In our work with children, we’ve learned that big things are actually built out of many small things, and that character is sedimented bit by bit! That’s the reason we want to create games that leave a positive mark in children’s development.

Adrian Bob


Mihaela Bob


A game built for keeping your kid's eyes safe.

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